Vacation Guide: Osage Beach, MO (Lake of the Ozarks)

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Travel Guide: Osage Beach, MO (Lake of the Ozarks)

Almost every summer my family takes a trip to Osage Beach, MO at the Lake of the Ozarks. For those of us living in Central, IL it’s the perfect location for a quick getaway and I’ve spent many wonderful summers vacationing there! A few weeks ago we headed to the lake town full of sunshine and fun activities. Unfortunately, I spent most of the vacation sick with a migraine and a stomach bug :(  But, there were a few days when I was feeling well enough to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and the entertaining company of my family! Since we’ve been going to the Ozarks for many years now (and it has changed so much over time), I thought I’d share some of our favorite restaurants, lodging, and activities for those of you who also enjoy vacationing at Osage Beach!

Full disclosure: Since I wasn't feeling well, we didn't get around to taking any actual "blog" photos, so all of these were taken with our iPhones. Also, we somehow forgot to get a full group shot with my parents, but they also vacationed with us!

land's end condo, family photo, lake of the ozarks (Courtnee's family photo from our condo balcony.)

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(My bracelets are new & coming to Meg & Marie very soon!)

Lodging in Osage Beach, MO: Lake of the Ozarks

Over the years we’ve stayed at numerous places from hotels and resorts to condos and rental homes. Yet, for our past 3 trips we have stayed at Land’s End Condominium and it’s definitely my favorite place to stay! These condos are owned by individual owners, so they do vary from one to another. We have always rented them through VRBO and had great luck! These condos include 2 pools (one has a fun kiddie area), in room washer/dryer, different bedroom options, full kitchens, and boat docking ability. They’re also at a wonderful central location (almost directly across the street from the outlet mall!) I would highly recommend searching VRBO for Land’s End Condominiums the next time you head to the Ozarks.

baby swimsuit, osage beach, land's end condo pool
girl's fashion, ozarks, land's end condo pool
(Taken at the pool at our Condo at Land's End.)
land's end condos, osage beach, playground
(Land's End Condos also have a playground for kiddos to play on!)

Restaurants in Osage Beach, MO: Lake of the Ozarks

I’m pretty sure eating out at new restaurants is one of everyone’s favorite parts of vacationing! I mean, you’re on vacation, is there a better excuse to eat out and splurge a little bit? I don’t think so! This year we went to 4 different restaurants: Wobbly Boots, Tucker’s Shuckers, Shorty Pants, and Redheads. These are all places that we have eaten at in the past, so they’re definitely good enough to have us coming back for more! Wobbly Boots is known for its BBQ and southern food, Brent highly recommends the baby back ribs. Tucker’s Shuckers specializes in oysters, but also has a wide variety of items on the menu with a neat environment and 28 tap beers. I wasn’t brave enough to try the oysters, but Brent tried them for the first time and absolutely loved them! All of their food was wonderful, especially the Lobster Mac & Cheese. Shorty Pants and Redheads are both waterfront restaurants with your typical bar food. I would highly recommend the wraps at Shorty Pants & the pizzas at Redheads! I also must note our favorite place for dessert in Osage Beach is Andy’s Frozen Custard. We go there at least 3 times during each vacation and I’m still dreaming of their ice cream and looking forward to eating it again next year!

wobbly boots, ozarks, toddler photo, sister photo

(Sisters outside of Wobbly Boots Restaurant.)

bagnell dam osage beach, girl's fashion, children's fashion

(Cousins at the Bagnell Dam after dinner at Tucker's Shuckers.) 
wobbly boots, ozarks restaurant, funny family photo

(Please excuse the no makeup in this photo, it was a day I wasn't feeling well, but Sofia & Vayda's expressions are too funny not to share! Plus Addie & I were twinning in our Meg & Marie Shirts!)

Family Activities in Osage Beach, MO: Lake of the Ozarks

There are so many fun family activities to do at the Lake of the Ozarks. Obviously spending most days at the pool or on the lake (we always rent a boat for a day) is everyone’s #1 Ozarks activity and you can never go wrong with that! But, if you’re like us then you like to get out and do some other things every now and then. We love going putt-putt golfing and typically go to Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf (this year Courtnee was the champion!) We also enjoy a race around the go-kart track and usually go to Leman’s Go-Karts (I took home the gold this year!) If your family enjoys going to the movies, there’s a nice movie theatre you could go to. Brent and I went to see the movie Tag this year and although it was pretty predictable, it was entertaining!

pirate's cove, ozarks activities, ozarks travel, children activities

pirate's cove putt putt, ozarks shirt, preppy shirt, mother daughter matching shirt

(We bought these adorable matching shirts at Summer USA at the Bagnell Dam & of course wearing our matching Meg & Marie hats!)

pirate's cove adventure golf, osage beach, ozarks

putt putt golf, ozarks, pirate's cove, family activities in ozarks

(Court was the putt-putt champion this year!)

leman's go karts, ozarks, fun activities in the ozarks, osage beach

(Taken right after I won the go-kart race!)

Adult Activities in Osage Beach, MO: Lake of the Ozarks

If you’re going to the Ozarks without children or maybe you have some free time while your kiddos are with their grandparents, you can always hit up two of our favorite activities, shopping (mine) and golfing (Brent’s). This year Brent and Brandon (Courtnee’s husband/my brother) went golfing at Osage National Golf Club and according to them it was a really nice golf course that they’d definitely recommend! Typically we hit up the Osage Beach Outlet Mall and I’ll run into stores like J.Crew Factory and Coach Outlet, but this year we didn’t have time. We did walk around The Landing on Main Street, which has really cute shops for clothing, antiques, candy, and more. This was my first time visiting these shops and I will be going back next year! We also always run by the shops at the Bagnell Dam, mainly because I like to get a shirt from Summer USA each year.

preppy style, lilly pulitzer, southern tide, preppy couple

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(Take outside of Redhead's Lakeside Restaurant-the girls loved feeding the fish!)

land's end condo, osage beach, lake of ozarks, preppy fashion, preppy couple

(Photo taken from the balcony of our Land's End Condo.)

Other Suggestions for Traveling to Osage Beach, MO: Lake of the Ozarks

That pretty much wraps up this year’s trip to the Ozarks. If you plan on visiting soon I hope this Vacation Guide helps you. And if you are a frequent Ozark visitor I would love to hear your suggestions so that we can check them out next year! I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!

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