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fashion bloggers, women's clothing boutiqueAs spring continues approaching (thank goodness!), we are getting closer and closer to our Meg & Marie clothing launch date (double thank goodness!)  This means that we will be featuring some M&M sneak peeks and eventually only Meg & Marie clothing in our blog posts!  We are SUPER excited about this :)  Our blog posts will continue as our clothing launches and our goal is to blog once a week, but it’s possible that we might slow down from time to time when our new business is in full swing.  We thought it’d be fun to share some of our favorite blogs so that you can check out their great content and also to give you an idea of the types of styles that we’ll be selling at Meg & Marie!  We adore the fashion sense of each of these bloggers and these babes are absolutely amazing writers!  From fashion and decor to fitness and travel, these women feature it all and are absolutely worth the read!

fashion blogger, women's clothing boutique

1.)  Kate, Lonestar Southern

The word I’d use to best describe Kate and her style is simply adorable.  Not only is her style adorable, but her Texan accent is too (I love watching her Instagram stories!)  One of my favorite parts of Kate’s blog is her “Latest and Greatest” posts, which feature her favorite new arrivals each week.  I might be guilty of buying a thing or two from these posts ;)  She is fabulous at styling feminine details, such a bows and ric rac, two things that will be present in Meg & Marie’s spring clothing!

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2.)  Grace, A Southern Drawl

I love the variety of styles that Grace brings to her blog.  She posts everything from everyday casual to feminine formal dresses to stylish athleisure.  Speaking of athleisure, this girl has a rockin’ body and I love reading about her fitness routine and tips!  If you’re into fitness or just love sporting the latest athleisure trends I’d definitely recommend giving her blog a read.  I also love how she isn’t scared to be sexy and show off her toned body!  I’ve been searching for feminine, yet sexy pieces, to bring to Meg & Marie.  It’s always fun to be classy with a little twist for nights out!

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3.)  Amy, Amy Believes in Pink

When describing her style Amy from Amy Believes in Pink states, “I overdress and over-accessorize.  I love classic silhouettes (hello Shift dress) and bright, colorful statement pieces.”  What is not to love about that description!?  Everything she mentioned here describes clothing that we will carry at Meg & Marie, so checking out her blog can definitely give you a sense of our style.  I can’t get enough of her pops of bright color.  Even in the wintertime she rocks them in the most perfect ways!  And who doesn’t think of Lilly Pulitzer when you think of bright, colorful, classic fashion?  This girl not only is a professional blogger, but she works for the Creative Communications team at Lilly!  If you love all things Lilly (guilty) hop on over to her blog!

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4.)  Gentry, Girl Meets Bow

Gentry’s style is super fun and feminine!  She does an amazing job rocking outfits that are easily transferred into anyone’s everyday wardrobe.  Her posts are down to earth, fun, and easily relatable.  Gentry even has a blog section on faith with Sunday scriptures to read.  One of my favorite tips that I came across in her blog was buying kids clothes at Target in a size XL for myself!  I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m definitely going to see if I can fit into them.  I mean, who doesn’t love Target’s kid’s clothes!?

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5.)  Abby, Belle of the Ball  

If you love all things preppy and classy then you should head on over to Abby’s blog.  It’s full of amazing outfits from Vineyard Vines, Lilly Pulitzer, J. Crew, and the like and I can’t get enough of it!  I’m a huge fan of classic clothing pieces that will never go out of style and I’ve been searching to find these for Meg & Marie.  Abby does a wonderful job putting together these types of outfits.  I also love reading about her college tips and lifestyle.  It makes me reminisce about my days back at the University of Illinois!

Well, there you have it, a few of our favorite bloggers here at Meg & Marie!  Honestly, it was super difficult to narrow it down to only 5 because there are so many talented bloggers out there nowadays.  These are just a few that fit the brand that we’re building at M&M, but I’m always on the search for new blogs to read.  I’d love to hear your favorites or even read yours if you have a blog of your own!  From just the few months that I’ve been blogging I have quickly come to realize that blogging can be a lot of fun, but it’s also very time consuming.  Let’s spread the love for all of our favorite bloggers by mentioning them in the comments below or on Meg & Marie’s social media accounts :)

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