Shirt of The Month-February/March 2018

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charity shirt of the month

charity shirt of the month

charity shirt of the month

charity shirt of the month

 charity shirt of the monthcharity shirt of the month

charity shirt of the month

charity shirt of the month charity shirt of the month

charity shirt of the month

We have been so eager to share with you all our plans for a Shirt of the Month!  Well, technically, our goal is to start off with a shirt every other month, but you get the point!  These are so special to us for a few different reasons.  First, for each SOTM (Shirt of the Month), we will be choosing a different charity that is near and dear to our hearts and donating 50% of all profits towards that charity.  Second, these are shirts that are exclusive to Meg & Marie.  We put a lot of time and effort into creating the shirts and making them exactly as we envisioned!  

Regarding the design of the shirts, obviously these will change bi-monthly, but we wanted to have some type of logo that represents our brand that we can use over and over again.  We knew we would include our typical Meg & Marie logo, but wanted to come up with something else on top of that, which is where the deer came in.  We wanted an animal to represent the midwestern states...Vineyard Vines has a whale, Ivory Ella has an elephant, and Meg & Marie has a deer!  We have to give a huge shout out to our friend Ashleigh who designed the M&M deer.  We know it wasn’t easy with all of the constant adjustments to make it perfect, so thank you!  Also, a big thank you goes out to Visual Ink Productions for helping bring our vision to life.  We are so happy with how the shirts turned out!

Our Shirt of the Month will be the only product (as of right now) that we will be doing a pre-sale on.  These will go up on the website for pre-sale on Monday and purchasing will be closed on Friday, March 2nd.  The shirts will be shipped to you no later than March 13th (the earlier you order the earlier they will ship), so everyone will have them in time to wear for St. Patty’s day!  Also, we ask that you purchase these separately without any other products and they will be sent with free shipping!  They will be available in Adults sizes S-3XL ($27), Youth sizes S-XL ($25), and onesie sizes NB, 6M, 12M, 18M, and 24M ($18).

The charity of choice for our first SOTM was a no-brainer.  Courtnee’s niece, Kali, has had multiple diagnoses since 2015, but the illnesses that affect her most are POTS and Gastroparesis.  These are chronic illnesses that this amazingly strong girl fights every single day.  Being the kind hearted person she is, when we reached out to Kali she decided that instead of us donating to her, she would rather the funds go to Bundles of Hope, an organization that spreads love, hope, and joy to the chronically ill.  Please read below as Kali writes about her story and this wonderful organization in her own words.

Hi everyone! Some of you know me as Courtnee’s (favorite) niece, but for others who do not, I am Kali. Whether you have seen me awing over Sofia and Vayda or remember my name from my days as an athlete, just about everyone is aware of my health struggles. In November of 2015, my world completely flipped. I went from playing three-sports and being a high honors student to missing over one hundred days of school and not being able to leave my hospital bed without help. After weeks filled with tests, procedures, and absolutely no answers, my doctors decided it was time to call in the big guns… Mayo Clinic. At first, the thought of traveling states away was beyond scary. I was sixteen and wanted nothing more than to be back on the basketball court and hanging out with my friends. Going to Mayo made it all so real, and I was not ready to accept my new reality yet. Little did I know, Mayo would soon become one of the biggest blessings in my life.

Not only was Mayo able to give me a diagnosis, but Mayo also brought me Hailey. Hailey and I met each other while seeking treatment at Mayo during one of the most hopeless and darkest times of our lives. Our journeys leading to Mayo were so similar it was almost eerie. Without the support of this strong girl, I am not sure how I would have made it through.

What makes Hailey so special you might ask? Her big, kind, selfless heart.

In December of 2015, Hailey founded a non-profit organization called Bundles of Hope 501©(3). This organization is dedicated to spreading love, hope, and joy to those with severe, life-altering or life-threatening illnesses.  Through her own battles she was able to create beauty, and I am so thankful she has allowed me to be a part of it with her. Every Bundle we create is filled with goodies handpicked for each recipient, along with all the things needed to fight chronic illness with hope and positivity! We hope that with the help of generous donors, we are able to bring smiles to young fighters forever. Seeing the smiles we bring to these fighters is one of the most rewarding things I have ever experienced. We are so thankful for every single donation, no matter the size, because they are what make these smiles possible. 

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  • Carol Lewis on

    Kali, I haven’t met Hailey but it is hard to imagine another teen with as big, as kind and as selfless a heart as you have. I’m so glad you two met and are channeling your talent and love into something that represents you and your goals. God brought you together and He will see you through! God Bless!

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