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Nike purple sweatshirt // black fleece lined legging // Nike purple tennis shoes // Tacori rose amethyst stud earrings 

If you love athleisure raise your hand...(insert a million 'girl with her hand up' emojis).  We are obsessed with the trend.  I mean, what's not to love?  Look cute, check.  Feel comfortable, check.  Giving off the impression you just came from the gym when you really haven't worked out in a week, check.  Athleisure is something I've been a fan of for a long time and I don't see that changing anytime soon.  My cousin Betsy lived with me a few years ago and she would always make fun of me for having my "at home sweats" and my "going-out-in-public sweats".  Years later, I'm still doing the same thing.  As I sit here typing this I'm wearing grey baggy sweatpants and one of Brent's old college sweatshirts, an outfit I normally wouldn't go out in public in.  Although, it's perfectly acceptable here in good old Lincoln, IL, so every now and then I'll run to the grocery store in my oversized sweats (guilty).  Yet, when you throw on pieces made for athleisure your outfit suddenly becomes socially acceptable in all types of situations, even though you're technically still wearing sweats.  Hence the beauty of athleisure!

When I saw this sweatshirt I knew I had to have it.  I love this shade of purple and probably would have bought it even before seeing the back, but once I saw the open back I was completely sold!  I'm all about finding classic clothing pieces with a little twist to them, so I love the unique back.  Another great thing about the sweatshirt is it's made of sweat-wicking fabric to keep you dry during your workout.  I like pairing this black sports bra with the sweatshirt because, again, I like the neat strap design on the back.  Also, this sports bra is only $15 from Target, so you can't go wrong with that!

Like all lovers of athleisure do, I have many pairs of leggings.  But, these black leggings are possibly my all time favorite when it comes to athleisure.  They are fleece lined, so they keep you all warm and cozy during these cold fall/winter months.  And talk about comfortable...these leggings are so soft and smooth, I honestly wish I could wear them every day!  I also love that they're just plain black without any writing or other designs on them.  Sometimes simplicity is best.

Does anyone else ever buy shoes and then become hesitant to actually wear them because they're just so pretty and perfect?  No?  Is that just me?  Well, ok...but that's how I felt about these purple Nike tennis shoes.  The color is technically called "taupe grey", but it's a beautiful mix between purple and grey and it's absolutely perfect for fall.  I'm not gonna lie, I'm guilty of having 3 colors of the Nike Air Max Thea shoes.  They're just so hard to resist!  What's so great about this shoe is that it can just as easily be dressed up with leggings and a sweater as it can be dressed down for a look like this.  I definitely don't regret having this shoe in 3 colors :)

Obviously with athleisure the jewelry should be kept to a minimum.  These lilac amethyst studs matched perfectly!  They were the first gift Brent ever gave to me and I might be biased, but I don't think he could have picked out a better gift!  They are seriously so beautiful in person and match almost everything.  It can't hurt to start dropping hints to let your significant other know what you'd like under the Christmas tree this year ;) 

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