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Home Renovations

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile then you know that Brent and I have been renovating our house since we moved last August. Now, you might be thinking that August was a long time ago and we should be done renovating by now, but finding time to work on a house in between working a full-time job, traveling an hour and a half each day, and then adding on a new business is not an easy task! I will say, we have accomplished a lot in the past 10 months, but there’s still a lot to do.

Home Decor: Floating Shelves

Renovating is certainly a lot of work, but I have found myself enjoying decorating the house and picking out new home decor. One thing that I finished pretty quickly once Brent was done laying the living room floors and painting the walls was hanging and decorating my floating shelves. I actually had these shelves back in our old house (decorated differently) and I loved them so much that I knew I wanted to bring them along to our new home. In both houses I have gotten so many compliments on these shelves and the items I’ve used to decorate them! Unfortunately, I purchased my shelves from IKEA many years ago and they’re no longer available, but I found these white floating shelves from Pottery Barn and they appear to be very similar!

Southern & Feminine Home Decor Style

The fun part about having floating shelves is that you can change the decor on them anytime you want without having to put any extra holes in your wall! I love switching up the decorations, especially around the different seasons and holidays. I would describe my personal home decor style as a mixture of southern and feminine with touches of farmhouse decor. Lucky for me, Brent doesn’t complain about pops of pink and flowers all around the house ;)

Tips for Decorating Floating Shelves

I’m by no means an expert at decorating, but after rearranging my floating shelf decor numerous times, I have come up with a few tips!

Tip #1: Start by searching your house for decorations you already have.

When changing up my floating shelves decor, I always start by going around my house and seeing if I have items in other rooms that I can move to a shelf. That way I am switching up my home decor without having to buy anything new!

Tip #2: Purchase floating shelf decorations from somewhere you can easily return items to.

I’ve found that when buying any type of home decor it’s best to purchase from a place that I know will accept returns. Sometimes when you get the items home and you arrange them on the shelf, it doesn’t look exactly how you envisioned. And that’s ok, that’s why stores allow returns!

Tip #3: Stick to a few complimentary colors.

Whichever room you’re putting the shelves in (I also have floating shelves in my bathroom!) make sure that the color scheme matches the rest of the room. For example, my current summer living room decor is neutral browns, whites, and greys with pops of green and pink, so I focused on those colors when choosing decorations.

Tip #4: Choose a variety of object sizes and space them out accordingly.

To give your shelves some character, it’s nice to have some items that are small and others that are medium sized. I like to interchange and stagger these sizes when laying out the decorations.

My Decorations for Floating Shelves

If you like my summer floating shelves decorations, you’re in luck because some of them are still available for purchase! The pink mason jar and the "Mason" custom name wood sign were both found on Etsy. The beautiful pink chunky knit blanket is incredibly soft and was my favorite Christmas gift. It’s from Tink & Wintson, a purchase with a purpose company based in Morton, Illinois (more colors available). The wire basket the blanket is in and the clock (old) are both from Target. The small greenery pots, the “blessed” sign, and the “choose happy” sign were all purchased at Hobby Lobby.

How do you Decorate your Floating Shelves?

I’d love to hear how you all decorate your floating shelves. Even better, I’d love to see pictures for inspiration! Feel free to comment below sharing what’s worked for you or shoot me an email at with pictures of your floating shelves!

Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!

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