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Like so many others, Christmas is my favorite time of the year!  I love everything about it...getting together with family, putting up the Christmas tree, the decorations, even the snow!  One of my favorite things about Christmas time is the traditions that we get to experience each year.  Traditions are something that I get super excited about.  The first year that Brent and I lived together I tried to start a new tradition for each holiday.  I even made a red, white, and blue themed breakfast for the 4th of July.  Although, that tradition didn’t last very long because this year he spent the morning golfing.  But, hey, I tried!  I thought it would be fun to share some of the Christmas traditions that my family does and I’d love to hear some of your own traditions!

Some of the traditions that my family has been doing since I was a little girl are still my favorites.  Each year all of the women in my family get together to bake Christmas cookies a week or two before Christmas.  I’m talking about an absolutely ridiculous amount of cookies, like hundreds and hundreds!  Let’s be real, I do way more taste testing on this day than I do actual cooking, so of course I love it!  But mostly, it’s so much fun to spend time with all of the women in my family.  Another tradition that we had when I was a child was that on Christmas Eve we were allowed to open one gift.  The gift was always a new set of pajamas and all of us kids would wear our PJs to our family party after church on Christmas Eve.  Then, on Christmas day we always spend the evening playing board games as a family.  These are traditions that I hope to pass on to my own children someday.

Brent and I have also attempted to start some of our own traditions.  Last year, I made an advent calendar for us.  We split the days in half and each wrote things that we would do for each other on small cards, shuffled them up, and then put them on the calendar.  Some examples are “I’ll make dinner for you” and “movie night of your choice”.  These were so much fun!  They were also a lot of work and unfortunately with everything we have going on this year we weren’t able to make the advent calendar :(  We are, however, having our friends over for a Christmas pajama party!  I love hosting events and even though we’re still working on a lot of our house renovations, it’ll be fun to have everyone over at our new home!  Hopefully this will be a tradition we can continue.

The outfit I’m wearing in these pictures is most likely what I’ll be wearing on Christmas Eve.  Everyone in my family gets dressed up for church and for our family party that night.  I am a big fan of a-line skirts and also tartan prints, so this is my dream skirt for the holidays!  I paired it with a simple dark green blouse, which I also love wearing with nice leggings and heels.  We will continue to show you some of our favorite holiday outfits over the next few weeks.  Until then, be sure to share some of your favorite holiday traditions with us by commenting below or on our social media!

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