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Put a Bow on It Top & Skirt

Oh. My. Gosh.  Words can't describe how obsessed I am with this blush 2 piece set.  For me, it's perfection!  The blush color is a beautiful neutral that will compliment any skin tone and always be in style for spring and summer.  And if you add a bow to anything, I'm sold!  It's such a feminine and classic touch.  I honestly can't get enough bows and I will never get sick of them!  Another thing I love about this matching set is the material.  It's a very thick material, which is a must when you're wearing a backless top, and also has a little stretch to it.  I love these two pieces together, but you could also wear them separately, such as pairing the top with white shorts or the skirt with a gingham blouse.  The bow back top will be selling for $45 and the matching skirt will be $47.

put a bow on it top, blush skirt, preppy clothes

put a bow on it, 2 piece outfit, blush skirt, preppy clothes, pearl earrings Bow top, 2 piece outfit, blush skirt, clothing from sugarlips

Pearl Stud Earrings & Pearl Bracelet

Similar to bows, pearls are something I can never say no to.  Pearls have been a staple piece of classy clothing for all time and they will never go out of style.  I love these pearl studs because the cluster of small pearls is a fun change to just a one pearl stud.  They will match absolutely everything, as will this pearl bracelet!  You can wear these pieces with a fancy dress to a wedding or on a daily basis with your work clothes.  The pearl cluster stud earrings will sell for $30 and the pearl bracelet will be $35.

Bow top, 2 piece outfit, blush skirt, preppy clothes Put a bow on it, 2 piece outfit, sugarlips clothing

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20 Facts About Boutique Co-founder, Meg

  1. My hubby, Brent, and I met through mutual friends on my 24th birthday and we were friends for 4 years before we started dating.  Now we’ve been married 10 months and I’m so happy to spend everyday with my best friend.
  2. I’ve always been a huge nerd.  As a kid I used to do research on random topics, waste all of my parent’s paper and printer ink printing off information, and then read all of it just to learn for fun.  I used to (and still do on my phone) take a book with me everywhere and read any time I have an extra minute.
  3. I LOVE traveling and if I had more time and money I’d travel all around the world.  So far I’ve been to Spain, France, the UK, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and a variety of states in the U.S.
  4. I have a pizza problem.  I didn’t realize this until my husband moved in and pointed out that eating pizza 3 times a week (or more) isn’t normal!  My family has always eaten a lot of pizza.
  5. I’m naturally a pretty shy person.  I tend to be quiet around people I don’t know well and I think sometimes that comes off the wrong way, but I promise I’m just an introvert!
  6. I’ve been into fashion for as long as I can remember.  In middle school I actually tried starting up my own fashion magazine, but the principal shut it down before I could release the first issue because she was worried that it would cause drama with middle school girls.
  7. I attended the University of Illinois in Champaign, IL where I majored in Spanish and minored in Psychology (Go Illini!).  I then went on to get my master’s degree in Education from Concordia University, Portland, OR.
  8. One of my favorite things in life is the start of a new season...I get SO excited for the change in weather and of course the change in clothes!
  9. I started sleeping with earplugs during college and I haven’t been able to sleep without them since.
  10. One of my most loved possessions is my pillow.  I’ve had the same one for as long as I can remember (unhealthy, I know, but I do change the pillow protector).  My husband jokes that I would save my pillow in a house fire before my wedding rings (not true)!
  11. 9 times out of 10 I’d choose a cozy night in snuggled on the couch watching Netflix over a crazy night out.
  12. I studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain for 5 months and it was by far my favorite semester of college.
  13. The only beverage I consume 99.9% of the time is water.  On average I drink a gallon and half of water a day!  Not because of any reason other than I seriously love water and I’m thirsty all of the time.
  14. My guilty pleasure is watching The Bachelor.  Mainly because on Bachelor Mondays my closest friends come over and Brent cooks for us while we watch the show and visit.  It’s one of my favorite nights of the week!
  15. I’m currently in my 9th year of teaching Spanish, 8 of those years at Tri-Valley in Downs, IL (Go Vikings!)  It’s crazy how time flies!
  16. I am and have always been obsessed with music.  In fact, my husband and I recently took a weekend getaway to Nashville, TN. I constantly have music on (even during showers) and I’m usually singing every word (sorry, Brent).  I’m currently obsessing over Dawes.  If you don’t know them you should check them out. 
  17. I’m “Aunt Meg” to 5 beautiful, energetic, and wildly entertaining nieces and I have 3 precious goddaughters.
  18. I’m an organizational freak.  I get so much joy out of making checklists and organizing everything...I’m kind of OCD about it.
  19. I’m a very sarcastic person who is definitely more funny than serious.  I also have quite the potty mouth outside of the workplace.
  20. My sport of choice is cheerleading.  I cheered in school and I coached for 10 years!

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